PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)

PBIS At A Glance

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support is an approach schools use to promote school safety, proactive choices and good behavior for success in school and life. 

  • With PBIS, schools teach kids about behavior expectations and strategies.
  • The focus of PBIS is proactive prevention, not punishment.

What is PBIS at Our School?

We have the same set of guidelines for students throughout our school. Similar to the RGHS Code of Student Conduct, these guidelines define our expectations for behavior in our school. You will see these guidelines posted throughout the school and your student will be learning them throughout their time here at RGHS! 

As part of our PBIS process, teachers and other staff members use practices to increase student learning and decrease classroom disruptions. To keep students following expectations in a positive manner, we do the following when teaching academics and behavior:

  • Teach and refer to the Gator Matrix, our school-wide expectations.
  • Provide students with more praise than correction.
  • Talk to students with respect using a positive voice tone. 
  • Actively engage everyone in the class during instruction. 
  • Look for the positive first and provide positive, immediate, and frequent feedback.

Our Gator Matrix

Meet Our PBIS Team